All about Integrity

Ethical and Competent Service 

I cover the south half of the state of Minnesota and provide appraisals for all types of commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

My past has proven that impartiality, objectivity and assured knowledge of appraisal fundamentals are key to accurate appraisals. My firm has familiarity with today’s real estate market and the professional expertise necessary to fulfill all appraisal needs. My reputation has been built on a solid foundation of integrity, credibility, compentency and trust.

My main goals and expectations are to be the best real estate appraisal firm in the local area. I accomplish this by conducting  business with an intelligent and practical balance; by maintaining the highest degree of ethical conduct and practice and professional competency; and by providing objective quality service on a timely basis.

I provide competent, confidential service to my clients.  Therefore my clients are not listed individually here. My typical clients are the major lending institutions in Minnesota, local community banks, attorneys, investors, private individuals and the heirs of estates..

Timely, Accurate, Professional Service

I am licensed and certified in real estate appraisal and real estate valuation and can provide expert witnesses for local, state and federal court testimony. I am committed to making the real estate appraisal process timely, accurate and professional.  

Client Advantages

My goal is to provide high-quality appraisals  to my clients to assist them in making smart business decisions. As a certified general  real estate appraiser and a real estate broker,  I take  pride in my ability to develop  concise, accurate and well-supported reports  through knowledge of the unique characteristics and circumstances of each Minnesota neighborhood.